Do I need a visa?
Visa is not required for students coming to Russian universities from the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Abkhazia, the Republic of South Ossetia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Tajikistan, Ukraine, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Uzbekistan.

With internal (national) passports, only citizens of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Kyrgyz Republic can enter Russia.

Students from other countries can enter Russia only with international passports.
What type of visa do I need?
The majority of foreign students enter Russia with a foreign passport and a study visa. Foreign citizens who enter the Russian Federation to study shall be granted a visa with the purpose of trip "STUDY", "ORDINARY EDUCATIONAL" type.
Check your passport!
  1. The validity of the passport must be at least 18 months
(1.5 years) from the visa start date.
  1. The passport must have a minimum of 4 pages
(2 consecutive pages) for pasting the visa and entry and exit stamps

Application form for an official invitation to enter the Russian Federation with all fields filled in.
Scanned copy of the first two pages of the passport with your photo
Processing an invitation letter
Send to the address the following documents:
Important: Visa invitations are issued by Main Directorate for migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Issuing an official invitation usually takes from 25 to 45 calendar days, depending on the country of departure.
Electronic invitation letter
Submission of documents to the Visa Application Center
Data verification
Having received a passport with a visa, be sure to check that all the information in the visa is correct. If you find an error, please immediately contact the employee of the Visa Application Center or the Consulate of the Russian Federation where you received your visa.
Contact the visa center or the Embassy/Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country, in the city you specified in the application form, and apply for a visa. The visa issue period is up to 2 weeks.
Print out the electronic invitation sent to you by the Faculty staff.
Send a scanned copy of your visa to
Coordinate the date of your arrival with your Faculty and buy a ticket.
Apply for a voluntary medical insurance policy that will be valid for the entire period of your stay in Russia for the purpose of study. Click here for information on health insurance requirements.
Please be sure to send an email to with the following information:
  1. Date and time of arrival
  2. Airport of arrival and flight number
  3. The number of the voluntary medical insurance policy and the name of the insurance company (if you already have a medical insurance policy)
  4. Your contact number (Mobile, WhatsApp)

What should I do before coming to Moscow?
Obtain a medical certificate on the absence of the HIV, tuberculosis and syphilis.
Please, send to pp) the information about where you plan to live:
  1. If you plan to stay in a rented apartment/hostel/with relatives during your studies, please provide the address of your accommodation;
  2. If you have been granted a place in the dormitory, please write about the estimated time of your arrival.


How do I get a migration card?

When entering the Russian Federation, all foreign citizens are provided with free migration cards that need to be filled before passport control.
  • If you arrive in Russia by plane, a migration card form will be issued to you at the airport, at the checkpoint across the state border of the Russian Federation.
  • If you arrive in the Russian Federation by land transport (by train, by motor transport), the migration card form will be issued to you by a representative of the organization providing transport services.

All fields of the migration card should be filled out in Russian language according to the data indicated in your entry visa.
How do I fill out a migration card?
In the "Purpose of visit" field, the option Учеба/Education" must be specified.
If you need help filling out your migration card, please contact the passport control officer.
Be sure to check that all data specified in the migration card is correct. If you find an error in your migration card, you should immediately contact the passport control officer and ask to change the migration card.

The completed form must be presented at the checkpoint across the state border of the Russian Federation.
Make a copy of your migration card (for example, take a picture on your phone) so that you always have this document with you.
Be sure to keep your migration card in your passport throughout your stay in Russia. The migration card is handed over to the border control officer when leaving the Russian Federation.
How to get from the airport to the city?
  • By taxi
    We recommend downloading and using taxi applications popular in Moscow in advance: Yandex Go, Citymobil.
  • By Aeroexpress train and metro
    Aeroexpress trains run on the following routes:
    • Sheremetyevo airport — Belorussky railway station;
    • Vnukovo airport — Kievsky railway station;
    • Domodedovo airport — Paveletsky railway station.
    You can find detailed information on how to get to Moscow from Zhukovsky airport here.
  • At any station, you can immediately change to the metro and get to the station you need. The optimal route for the metro can be found using the Yandex.Metro service. Addresses of the hostels can be found here.

    In order to see land public transport route options we recommend that you download the Yandex Maps application.

At the time of arrival at the hostel, you must have the following documents with you:

  • scan of the letter — directions for settling into the hostel from the faculty;
  • a negative result of a PCR test performed no earlier than two days before settlement (can be performed abroad or in Russia).

Show these documents to the hostel employee at the entrance. After that, you need to go up to your floor and find the administrator responsible for the order on the floor.

You will be taken to your room and given keys, bedding, safety instructions and answers to your questions. If you need help, feel free to contact any employee of the hostel.

Payment for the hostel will take place after check-in. The hostel administrator will tell you about the payment procedure.

IMPORTANT: If you have not taken a PCR test in your country, you can take it at any airport in Moscow. The results of PCR tests performed at the airport, as a rule, arrive by e-mail within 3-5 hours.

In Moscow, you can take a PCR test in the following laboratories:

  • Russian Railways-Medicine Laboratories (urgent PCR test in 1.5 hours)
  • Network of laboratories "Hemotest" (various test options, from 5 hours to 2 days)
  • Network of laboratories "Labquest" (urgent PCR test in 6 hours)
  • Network of clinics "Medical Center Sitymed" (urgent PCR test in 5 hours)
A foreign citizen arriving in the Russian Federation is responsible for migration registration at the place of your accommodation (i.e., at the address of actual residence).

  • If you live in a dormitory of Moscow State University, within 3 (THREE) working days after entering Russia, please, provide your faculty with all the information necessary for migration registration.
  • If you live in a rented apartment, within 7 (SEVEN) working days after entering Russia, you must be registered at the local migration office at the place of your actual residence.
This law applies regardless of whether you entered Russia with the visa issued in accordance with MSU invitation, or on a visa-free basis. The consequences of violating this law are extremely serious, up to deportation from Russia and a ban on entry into the Russian Federation for up to 5 years.

For the migration registration of a foreign citizen the state duty is not charged.

How to register for migration?

Always carry with you your registration form and migration card. These documents confirm that you are legally staying in Russia and are registered with the migration authorities. You can make scans of these documents and save them to your phone.

The next day of your arrival in Russia and accomodation at the dormitory, please bring the following documents to the employee of your faculty's International office:

  • Passport;
  • Migration card;
  • Copy of all pages of the passport except for blank ones;
  • Copy of the migration card;
  • Copy of certificate from the dormitory indicating the address of residence, room number and stay period or completed and registered residential lease contract from the dormitory.

The employees of the International office of your faculty will send the documents provided to the local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for migration registration.

The document confirming your migration registration is a registration form, filled in and sealed by the local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Having received this document, the employees of the foreign department will hand it in to you.
The landlord of the apartment you are renting must submit the documents for migration registration to the local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) through the Multifunctional center "My Documents" (MFC) within 7 days after your arrival to Russia. Please be sure to discuss this issue of registration with the landlord or the administrator of the hostel/hotel in advance.

For migration registration, you need the following documents:

  • Copy of all pages of the passport except for blank ones;
  • Migration card copy;
  • Certificate stamped by your faculty confirming your status of a student;
  • Copy (stamped by your faculty) of your Enrollment Order;
  • Faculty request.

You must receive a registration form, filled in and sealed.

After registering, you need to bring the following documents to the International office of the faculty, confirming that your stay in Russia is legal:

  • Passport;
  • Migration card;
  • Registration form.
I plan to stay at MSU dormitory
I plan to live in a rented apartment/hostel/with my family


If your study period is longer, you need to extend your visa.
Foreign citizens who come to Moscow University for the first time are issued a single-entry visa (for the purpose of trip "STUDY", "EDUCATIONAL" type) for a period not exceeding 90 days.
In order to extend your visa, you need to go to the foreign department of your faculty with the following documents:
  • Original passport with a valid visa
    copy of the first page of your passport and the page with valid visa
  • Original migration card
    copy of the migration card
  • Registration form issued at the place of residence
    copy of the registration form issued at the place of residence
  • Paid state duty receipt (1600 RUB)
  • 2 pictures 3×4 cm, color or black & white, matte
  • Documents confirming that you have undergone medical examination, fingerprint registration and photographing procedures.
IMPORTANT: Documents for visa extension must be submitted to the Foreign Office of your Faculty 30 days before the expiration of your visa. In case of late submission of documents, you may be denied a new visa.

After receiving a passport with a new visa, check that there are no errors in the data specified in the visa.

If you stay at a hotel or at a rented apartment for a while (even for a day) during the period of study at Moscow University, you will be automatically registered there. If you move again to other hotel or apartment, remember that you must re-register at the new place of residence.
Either way you should receive a new registration form filled in and sealed.

Important: A new migration registration (at a hotel or an apartment) cancels the effect of the previous one.

The next day after your return, please visit the international office of your faculty to renew the registration at MSU or register at the place of actual residence in a rented apartment/hostel/with your family.

You will need the following documents:

  • Copy of all pages of the passport except for blank ones;
  • Migration card copy;
  • Copy of previous registration;
  • Certificate stamped by your faculty confirming your status of a student;
  • Copy (stamped by your faculty) of your Enrollment Order;
  • Faculty request.
IMPORTANT: If you travel to other Russian cities and stay in hotels/hostels/rented apartments, you need to notify your faculty about the date of departure and return to Moscow. If you go on a trip, you should always have with you emergency contacts of your faculty's representative.
With regard to foreign citizens who have not fulfilled the obligation to undergo mandatory state fingerprint registration, photography and (or) medical examination within the specified period, the reducing the period of temporary stay in the Russian Federation will be considered.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, following foreign citizens are required to undergo mandatory medical examination, fingerprint registration and photographing:

  • foreign students who arrive in the Russian Federation for a period exceeding 90 calendar days – within 90 calendar days from the date of entry into the Russian Federation;
  • foreign teachers and researchers who arrive in the Russian Federation with the purpose of labor activity – within 30 calendar days from the date of entry into the Russian Federation.
Fingerprint registration and photography are carried out by the internal affairs agencies once, regardless of the number of entries / exits to the Russian Federation.

Algorithm of the medical examination, fingerprinting and photography procedures:

IMPORTANT: You can undergo fingerprint registration and photographing procedures only after passing and obtaining the results of medical examination.
In case a document confirming completion of mandatory state fingerprint registration and photography is lost or damaged, you must contact the Migration Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Police Service Department, where such a document will be issued again.