Learning a foreign language can bring joy if classes are held in the form of discussion clubs with interesting topics. Do you need language practice?

Come to our cultural and language exchange meetings!

More than 100 participants every year
Language practice
90-120 minutes of communication

Here are just a few reasons why you need to visit a discussion club if you haven't already:

  • Remove the language barrier: if you are afraid to speak a foreign language - you are definitely here! A friendly atmosphere and interesting topics for conversation are waiting for you!
  • Practicing pronunciation and listening skills: In the discussion club, you will hear how to speak correctly, you will practice listening skills.
  • Communication and new acquaintances: a variety of topics are raised here, opinions absolutely opposing each another are expressed, useful acquaintances are made. The format is always different: there can be a role-playing game, watching a movie with further discussion, just meeting in a cafe for a cup of tea. In any case, it's always interesting!

Find out more about the meetings HERE!